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Fluid Mechanics in Engineering and Science Applications Manufacturer Supplier India

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Especially in the last several years, there have been great improvements in almost all divisions of sciences and engineering innovation. Most professionals would believe the fact that the coming of computer techniques and the world wide web has provided to this a lot, since developing and examining any kind of a program has become more easier then ever. With various cad resources, it is possible to style any element in 3D and evaluate it under genuine circumstances without generating that particular element. Moreover, through the use of online, any information and research can be distributed by co-workers all across the world. One division of engineering innovation that has assisted from these leads above is definitely computational fluid mechanics.

With computational fluid dynamics, it is possible to evaluate the circulation of any type of fluid over any strong item. Through computational fluid characteristics, you can evaluate the circulation over any aerospace art or over any floor automobile. Especially in Aerospace technological innovation as well as in automobile style technological innovation, the use of CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics has become more essential than ever. By using CFD methods, you can make a exclusive lab and duplicate the circulation circumstances of the circulation over the strong body system. For example, especially in the growth of the System 1 vehicles, the use of computational fluid dynamics has become more essential than ever. Of course, computational fluid dynamics can be used to evaluate any automobile in any circulation scenario such as delivers as well as submarines.

Naturally, the possibilities of CFD goes far beyond the illustrations given above. For example, in technological engineering innovation, the research of any areas that is in contact with a fluid or a lubrication is also examined by using CFD. Moreover, many burning techniques in substance technological innovation as well as in process style technological innovation can be examined completely by using CFD methods.

Of course, CFD is not just about computation of the qualities, but it is also about creation of the program in function as well. This has become a very essential point, as many CFD technicians in medical areas have assisted physicians enhance their medical methods by developing a creation of blood vessels circulation in various body areas in one's body system. Thus, the opportunity of computational fluid dynamics hits almost all divisions of technology and engineering innovation to some part. Many technicians and researchers can become efficient in CFD by taking graduate student level knowledge in that area or they can go through unique coaching in unique creation, lines creation and computational growth methods which are required for CFD.

Dr. Ugur Guven is an Aerospace Professional and a Atomic Professional, who has proved helpful as an academician, specialist and instructor in various organizations as well as in the aerospace and nuclear market as advisor for fixing engineering problems and for offering coaching to young technicians. In order to get more information, you can check out

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Science Lab Equipments For Education Lab Equipment Manufacturer Supplier

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Technology is unique particularly from other topics because of its characteristics of verifying things through tests. It is through medical equipment or accessories that tests and findings are carried out. Scientific equipment are set of resources, packages, equipment and gadgets which are designed for certain reasons. These equipment include gadgets like microscopic lense, Bunsen burning, analyze pipe, temperature gauge, beaker, etc. They are used in various areas such as, medical, manufacturing, academic and research.

Science lab accessories are those accessories used for keeping and working substances. These gadgets are important for medical purpose as they help in carrying out tests safe and successful. Tools like analyze pipe owner, with a weight of machine, analyze pipe stand, compass, flask, channel, etc. are some of the illustrations.

Importance of Educational science lab equipments

Educational lab accessories offer learners the chance of studying science through hands-on encounters and improving their studying and considering skills. These accessories will help the learners to be more aggressive and help achieve their objectives through innovative level of education and considering purchase.

Schools that are well prepared with medical lab equipment will give the learners higher opportunities for studying. For example, learners can learn with realistic tests in the school labs about the medical methods such as gathering data, examining and examining speculation. Making available with real lab accessories will create the learners more passionate and grateful towards science and its results.

Laboratory medical equipment create the surroundings of entertaining studying possible. Technology is a self-discipline where traditional class room educating is not enough and it becomes effective only when lessons are associated with developing tests and deducing results from the tests. Instead of just paying attention to lessons, reading books and writing notices, the learners will get involved in the studying process by applying their critical thought.

According to reviews, providing a good lab service with necessary lab accessories also create the instructors play a role better facilitates for their learners. If the instructors are well provided with sufficient accessories, it will enable them to effectively express their lessons through hands-on tests. Instead of just indicating, the student will be permitted to have the chance of performing and drawing evidence through realistic tests. With instructor's higher participation and better guidance, the studying atmosphere becomes an ideal work shop for developing better learners with better results.

In purchase to offer the requirements of educational organizations and organizations, many science lab accessories producers are making an effort to offer them with innovative and efficient accessories. Atico Export is a medical device producers among others, which provides excellent solutions for academic industry globally.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Mechanical Engineering Laboratories Manufacturer Supplier India


Technical technological innovation labs are being used by educational companies, universities, and many other private and government companies that are dedicated to performing analysis on various different areas.

Mechanical technological innovation labs are very important in some of the analysis areas like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Material Science
  • Control Systems
  • Vibration Systems
  • Combustion Instrumentation
  • Designing for Excessive Conditions
  • For planning lab Descriptions

and lots more
In this post we shall look at some of the most essential technological innovation lab devices that are being used in mechanical technological innovation.

CAD Lab - Pc assisted developing labs are usually also associated with computer assisted production, where the prototypes are developed from the pc produced styles. This kind of lab is usually used by companies offering undergrad and graduate student programs. Pc assisted Manufacturing Software applications are used for developing the model styles. They are also prepared with merged buildup model techniques for developing prototypes from plastic materials.

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory - Some of the main technological innovation lab devices used here are the mincing and lathe and CNC devices, information projectors, toolmakers microscopic lense, and many calculating equipment like this sine bar.

Additionally, they also use other technological innovation training lab packages like the gas power features and the PLC developers. Some of the innovative labs will also have automatic hands, which can be designed to perform various projects with great perfection.

Additionally, the labs will also be prepared with car google. Spark-ignition and diesel fuel google can be analyzed and calculated, with the help of dynamometer which comes along with them. They also come with instrumentations to evaluate the performance of google, disturbance management, and in the statistic of gas pollutants. Before purchasing technological innovation academic lab devices, it is essential for you to check the kind of energy sources that can be used in the engine examining techniques.

Thermal technology and energy characteristics lab - These labs are used for showing the concepts circulation of liquids in the gas devices. Furthermore, there are also used for the circulation of liquids in the fridge periods. In addition to energy characteristics, these labs will have devices for learning the the rules of aerodynamics. Axial circulation lovers and some of the modern circulation statistic techniques are used for learning the the rules of aerodynamics.

Thermal Engineering Laboratory - Some of the essential trial configurations for this lab are the warm exchange techniques that are used to study air conditioner and fridge. They will be usually prepared with warm exchange equipment, forced and 100 % free convection, blowers, and converters.

Material strength recognition lab - These configurations are usually prepared with content examining devices like the impact test device, hardness-testing device, and spring examining device. Furthermore, they will also have configurations like the pendulums to evaluate the inertia.

Engineering classes - Most of the technological innovation learners from all different divisions will be familiar with the classes, during the first year of their undergrad course. Some of the essential devices for these classes are techniques related to piece steel, water system, welding, suitable, foundry, and woodworking.

When you are planning to design technological innovation lab for your organization, it is essential for you to choose the maker that has a strong popularity in the market. Some of the top-class technological innovation lab devices producers also trade their products globally.

Atico Export is one of the most well-known technological innovation academic lab devices production company, and we have been serving the needs of our globally clients by offering top quality examining packages and techniques. Please you can visit our website to seek advice from with us about all types of lab configurations.

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Different Kinds of Lab Equipment Manufacturer Supplier

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Lab tests are compulsory in almost all science-related topics. Aside from being aspect of many classes, tests are also essential for the different items released in the marketplace. These are just some of the factors why it is essential be acquainted with laboratory devices.

For a laboratory research to be effective and to generate the right outcome, it is essential that the right laboratory accessories is used. Every individual executing an research should be conscious of the most typical kinds of laboratory devices. Here is a record of laboratory accessories you should know:

· Beaker- This laboratory devices is used to keep and warm different fluids.

· Erlenmeyer flask- Just like the beaker, it is also used to keep and warm fluids. The only distinction is the type. The higher aspect of this flask is very filter.

· Florencia flask- It is also used to warm fluids. Mostly seen during tests with a distillation procedure.

· Completed cylinder- It is used to evaluate fluids. This is essential to create sure precision.

· Analyze tube- It is used to warm or keep little bit of fluids.

· Analyze pipe rack- It is used to keep quality pipes in position to avoid injuries and leaks.

· Analyze pipe holder- It is used to keep test pipes when they are moved. This is essential especially if quality pipe is hot.

· Analyze Tube brush- It is used to fresh test pipes.

· Evaporating dish- As the name indicates, it is used in tests which need evaporating ingredients.

· Crucible and cover- This laboratory devices is used for powerful warming.

· Triangle- It is used to keep the crucible in position.

· Bottle- It is used for showing, combining or saving ingredients.

· Mortar and pestle- These two are used to grind powerful ingredients so it will be in powdered type.

· Funnel- It is used when shifting fluid to another package. It will avoid dropping of the fluid.

· Pipet- This laboratory devices is used for precise dimensions of fluid used in an research.

· Bunsen Burner- It is used for warming different ingredients.

· Band Stand- This keeps the devices being warmed by the Bunsen burning.

· Mixing Rod- As the name indicates, it is used for stirring.

There are a lot of laboratory devices which you should know. The record above has some of the most generally seen devices in labs. Understanding what and how to use the accessories will not only create sure right outcomes, but even more important protection of the individual executing the research.

We are the manufacture scientific lab equipment/ instrument supplier and exporter provider dealer wholesaler in india.

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Technical Lab Equipment Manufacturer Supplier India

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Healthcare and analysis labs execute routine and innovative applications such as electrolyte and blood gas analysis, chemistry, immunology, hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, and so on. High quality lab gadgets is necessary to execute all these procedures. Only a effective lab gadgets provider can provide quality items to fulfill the needs of different kinds of labs.

What You Expect From a Reliable Lab Equipment Supplier

An recognized provider with wide experience can provide you with the right type of gadgets at aggressive prices. Your first concern should therefore be to find a lab gadgets shop with an stock of the very best items from major producers. Look for gadgets from brands such as Boekel Medical, Mindray, Globe Medical, Greiner Bio-one, Dade, and so on. These producers provide innovative designs of analysis and medical lab gadgets. Buy from a effective lab gadgets provider provides many benefits:

Branded items - An recognized provider can provide gadgets from major names in the industry. High quality gadgets that incorporates innovative features will make sure accurate results in minimal time. A effective lab gadgets shop would update its stock regularly with the latest items.

Convenience of purchase - Online stores selling lab gadgets provide simplicity of purchase. You can view various designs of gadgets, including their requirements and costs, and choose the items that will best serve your requirements.

Extensive stock - An recognized supplier would have a wide stock of different kinds of medical lab gadgets reagents, and controls. This will save lot of money since you can buy what you need from one place.

Huge discounts - One of the greatest advantages of partnering with an recognized provider is that you can get the very best lab gadgets at aggressive costs. Most items are provided at prices that are considerably reduced than their regular price.

Efficient service and tech assistance team - A effective supplier would provide timely after-sales assistance which is very important to make sure effective and uninterrupted lab operations. The supplier would have factory-trained technicians to handle maintenance and repair who can make sure that your gadgets stay in top condition.

On-time delivery - A effective gadgets provider would have shipping arrangements in place to make sure that the purchased product reaches the customer safely and within the specified time.

If your lab has a budget constraint, find a effective provider that provides recertified lab gadgets. You can get used gadgets that is refurbished to fulfill original manufacturer requirements at costs much reduced than new. Such gadgets is provided with guarantee, aggressive pricing, material service visits, and more.

We are the manufacturer of Technical Lab Equipment  / Instruments supplier exporter provider dealer wholesaler in india.

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While working in a lab safety rules

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There are compulsory guidelines of protection that you need to follow when you are using a lab to perform some analysis. These guidelines are not only successor to you, but also secure the wellness of the other co-workers whom you are in the lab with.

Conduct yourself in a careful way always

Whenever in a lab, you must perform yourself in a accountable way at every event. This includes not operating around the lab, or getting too thrilled to a factor that you affect down any of the technology lab accessories. Although these functions may seem too little, they can outcome into terrible outcomes such as flame.

Comply with all lab regulations

All lab rules are important, such as the self-conscious guidelines such as not reaching things over or consuming in the lab, to the more heavy guidelines of not in contact with some substances, or breathing in them. This may impact to harming and other risks. Moreover, you must be present at protection lab coaching before you begin your analysis.

Avoid operating in a lab unaccompanied

Some technology lovers simply put it as, "Never perform in the lab alone." When operating or exploring in a lab, it may occur that you end up combining incorrect sections, or incorrect substances, which is very risky. Some of these substances may be extremely harsh, leading to exhaust of toxic fumes or risky responses. Without an complement to the lab, it may be difficult to endure some of these among other gaffes that take position regularly in the laboratories. Some of these mistakes may be avoided through assessment, or a buddy may factor out the mistake.

Notify a specialist in scenario of any emergency

Some of the most secure laboratories have allocated a specialist. Though expensive, it is safety evaluate amongst the many other benefits, which come with choosing a specialist. One of the primary projects of a lab specialist is to deal with issues that respect your protection in the lab. Thus, in scenario of an urgent, do not try perform a idol as it may price you a lot. Rather be self-effacing and seek advice from a specialist, who is perceptibly more prepared with the technological information, information and accessories to fight the scenario. The medical laboratories organizations across the globe are trying to suggest for this preventative evaluate to be taken seriously by lab customers, since this era is loaded with DIY-Do It Yourself fundamentals. Going with such a mindset in a lab can cause serious harm.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Lab appliances and freezers used in the lab how

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A lab fridge or lab freezers have an apparent and essential function; these models are used to cool or freeze examples for maintenance. Typically, appliances are used to shop examples at a heat range between - 5 and 15 levels Celsius, while freezers will normally shop examples at a heat range between - 25 and - 15 levels Celsius.

Some lab freezers are used to shop scientific examples such as vaccinations at a significantly reduced heat range. Cryogenic cold is also used in some laboratories, but requires specialized devices that is capable of generating and enduring exceptionally low temperature ranges. Ultra low heat range freezers (usually -50 levels C and below) commonly use a dual air compressor stream kind of program to reach these low temperature ranges. The first air compressor is used to obtain a heat range of around -40 levels C, after which the second air compressor kicks in to achieve the reduced heat range that is needed. These lab freezers will be usually be more noisy than a -20 levels C fridge, create more heat outcome into the space and will use more energy. They are also more expensive to fix than a conventional lab fridge or fridge if the air compressor needs to be replaced, since this will need a fix technician who specializes in these somewhat exotic converters.

Lab appliances and freezers consist of devices for saving examples and unique instrumentation used for conducting tests demanding precise heat range management. For example, a lab fridge can be used to set up chromatography apparatus within the fridge area.

Refrigeration and cold devices is also used for the storage space of medical or pharmaceutical supplies. A blood vessels bank uses a lab fridge to preserve the high top quality of its blood vessels flow. Laboratory appliances and lab freezers that shop blood vessels and blood vessels items must meet a variety of regulating and top quality standards for self-evident reasons. They normally come with an home security program to notify lab personnel of an devices failure. Lcd can be saved frozen in a plasma fridge for an extended time frame. Since the typical expiry time frame is one year from the collection time frame, the problem of maintaining an adequate blood vessels flow is reduced. Drug stores may also use a lab fridge to shop vaccinations, medications and other heat range sensitive compounds.

Laboratory appliances and lab freezers consist of devices for cold blood vessels plasma or other blood vessels items for future use. Some lab freezers are used to shop enzymes or other scientific reagents used to conduct tests. Laboratory appliances and lab freezers may be stand-alone, upright models or may fit under the lab counter. A lab fridge may also be fitted with hair to limit entry, and may even be developed to securely protect combustible components from electric initiates. Some lab appliances and lab freezers are also used as incubators that cycle between a heating interval and a fridge interval. These kinds of appliances are often used for culturing and monitoring the growth of bacteria.

Flammable substances that need fridge must only be saved in a lab fridge that is developed for the secure storage space of flammables. A combustible liquid is defined as having a flash point of less than 100 levels F (38 levels C). Flammable storage space lab appliances are UL accepted for storage space of combustible chemicals; lab freezers are often used for this purpose as well. Flammable storage space appliances have no electric leading to devices, relays, changes or a thermostat that could spark combustible fumes within the cabinet. They may also incorporate style features such as limits, self-closing doors, magnetic door gaskets and unique inner shell components that management or limit the damage should a reaction occur within the storage space section.

A label revealing 'Flammable Materials Refrigerator: Keep flame away' should identify such appliances. Flammable self storage space models cannot be placed in a space containing intense fumes, but substances that express intense fumes can be securely saved within them. They are called lab-safe, fire-safe or blast secure appliances. These appliances are more expensive than the conventional household or even lab fridge for that matter, but they must be used if flammables will be saved in the fridge.

Explosion evidence lab appliances and lab freezers are rated UL explosion-proof and are similar in style to the combustible self storage space models, but they also have all operating components enclosed against entrance of intense fumes. Electrical 4 way stop boxes are also enclosed after relationships are made. These models are accepted for storage space of volatile components in areas with intense environments and are the most expensive of all kinds. This kind of fridge is only required when saving combustible components in an area with an intense atmosphere such as a solution providing space. An blast evidence lab fridge has very limited use on university and need unique hazardous location cabling rather than simple cord and plug relationships.

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Chemical Analysis Equipment Manufacturer Supplier India

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In the past millennium, substance research has led to several essential findings. And they all have something in common: without lab devices, they would not have occurred. Nowadays, a producer of lab devices performs the same part in medical finding as it did a millennium ago. The only distinction is that there are now more producers to choose from.

Whether you need new analyzers for a new lab, or you need to substitute old ones, your option of devices producer could effect your execute in essential ways. By considering the aspects below as you search for a manufacturer, you can prevent ones that may not fulfill the medical, financial, or realistic needs of your work:


Unlike some kinds of items, the high top quality of medical items is intensely product based. This is because medical manufacturers differentiate themselves technically. One company's systematic equipment will likely contain different features than another's. This makes it essential to study separate opinions of an device - ideally by someone who has used it in the potential that you will - before you buy it.

Status of Equipment

If your devices price variety is restricted, selecting a substance research devices producer that offers renovated, used devices is perfect. When it is used in a fresh atmosphere and effectively managed, medical devices age especially well. If you need an expensive item, protecting your price variety by purchasing it used could be a good option.

Years in Business

Many labs want to create a company model with anA devices producer - an agreement that can lead to discount rates and other prefers. For this to happen, of course, they must stay in company. Most traders consider a company to be "solid" when it has at least two ongoing decades of financial success. This conventional is also good for evaluating the balance of a producer.

Business Reputation

There is a reason why company and client supporters emphasize people to examine a organization's history at the Better Business Institution (BBB) and assess its sources before purchasing from it: doing these things provides useful understanding into how the company snacks clients. Many companies and clients don't workout, and later wish that they had. Before you buy from a producer, examine its BBB history and assess sources.

Types of Customers Served

Because medical devices producers provide a wide variety of clients, the best idea is to decide on a manufacturer that provides clients whose needs and objectives are similar to yours. If you don't, you could end up being frustrated by their variety of devices, item top quality, and even their style of client support.


A substance research devices producer provides researchers with the devices and equipment that are required to execute substance research. But when the incorrect producer is selected, it can actually confuse their execute. If you need new systematic devices or equipment for your lab, following the tips above will help you choose one that fits the medical, financial, and realistic needs of your execute.

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Hydraulic Machine and Manufacturer Supplier in India

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The lab emulsifier blender is a exclusive item that has the capability to carry components in a artificial response in both gas shearing and powerful technical shearing. This system has the capability to emulsify and spread all the components in a exclusive and very quickly way. There are so many kinds of lab emulsifying mixers, and it is essential for everyone to know the type of lab system they want.

One of the lab emulsifier gadgets you can get is the 5 liters lab oil emulsifier. This is one of the most preferred lab emulsifier mixers and if you are going to use it, then you need to know the item information of this system for you to use it effectively. Some of the item information you should know about these gadgets consist of their gas raise and the multiple mixers. This system is also created of stainless-steel 316L, which is a very excellent content to create this system.

Some of the components you can be able to mix using the 5 liters lab oil emulsifier blender consist of creating hair shampoo, creating beauty products, meals tastes, drug lotion creating and many more. All these gadgets and many more can be created using the 5 liters lab oil emulsifier. Due to the extensive use of this system, this system has become one of the most preferred gadgets. This system can melt, homogenize, emulsify, combination and shear all the fairly neutral granules and materials into better elements.

This system is also prepared with a higher shear homogenizer container and is a combining and shearing system that has an excellent developing rate. This type of rate is essential in mixing, combining, emulsifying, and mixing. If you look at this devices, you will see that it is commonly used in the meals, milk, beauty products, market, and drug sectors.

The 5 liters lab oil emulsifier is produced using the newest worldwide innovative technological innovation. Apart from that, you will also see that it has ideal features, affordable framework, wonderful overall look, ideal operate and then prevent any type of pockets that speed up dissolution.

This system is also able to create components according to the cGMP conventional, which is seen as the best and innovative manufacturing system. All these rationalize how the 5 liters lab oil emulsifier system is essential to any combining place. Therefore, for anyone who wants to have their components combined, they should go and get the lab emulsifier blender.

we are the manufacturer supplier exporter dealer wholesaler

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Selecting the Right Lab Equipment

There are a number of factors which must be regarded when selecting the right lab devices. Neglecting any of these key features will often lead to selecting devices which is not ideal for the lab it will be used in. This can result in increasing long-term costs associated with lab issues and higher devices servicing costs.

A key varying to consider is the particular needs of a lab. The actual technology driving lab devices is never stand still and enhancing. Based on the devices being bought, it can remove the need for some of the devices currently in the lab which can reduce long-term costs by helping the overall performance of the lab. Additionally, selecting lab devices which will soon be obsolete can force labs to purchase additional devices in the near future. Only by concentrating on the particular needs of a lab can the most effective devices be recognized and bought.

Another important varying to consider is area. Every lab has spatial restrictions. To be able to gain the obtain the most from any part of lab devices, the quantity of area it requires must be considered. There are many instances where a compact sized device can be changed by bigger, multiple presented lab devices. To determine which path is the most effective, considering which device provides the greatest advantage per sq. ft. or per rectangle gauge is vital. Keep in thoughts that a bigger, multiple presented part of lab devices must be in comparison against all of small sized tools it will be changing to be able to get the most precise comparison results.

The source or producer of the lab devices is also a attribute to keep in thoughts. A common error is to concentrate completely on the cost of the devices. Compared with many other sectors, cost is hardly ever a key signal of high quality. A more effective approach is to pay attention to particular source and producer backgrounds. This will offer a considerably bigger quantity of information in regards to how well the devices will function, approximated servicing costs, and how easily it can be incorporated into the present lab environment.

It makes no difference if the lab is being built from the begining or the new device is going to be incorporated within a present lab setting. The same fundamental factors must be regarded to be able to choose the right lab devices. To be able to be the best choice, the devices must meet the particular needs of the laboratory; offer an enhanced performance as opposed to area it will require, and be bought from a source or producer with a reputation of providing high-quality products.

We are the  Atico Export manufacturer of scientific educational lab equipment/instrument supplier exporter provider in india.

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Rubberized Set up Using The Right Devices

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Kid's perform gadgets has gone through comprehensive and comprehensive design and regulating changes over the past couple of years. With an eye to better protection rules and access to all kids such as actually incapable kids means that our perform areas at educational institutions, recreational areas and chapels offer a good spot for kids to perform securely. One of the best in current protection measures of many perform areas consist of rubberized mats or tiling around perform components that offer safe fall areas for kids. The set ups of these rubberized angles offer the base of all modern perform gadgets set ups. Find out right here what the best rubberized set up gadgets is.

Basic Needs

With any development job there are primary resources that every specialist should have in their device set. These resources offer the basis for almost any development job and are standard specifications to be able to offer for the needs of the job. By being properly prepared with these primary resources most difficulties or circumstances that occur will be able to be met through your primary device set without having to run to a shop or device lease position.

 Calculating resources - these consist of measuring footage and laser measuring gadgets that can offer precise dimensions.

 Clamps - are very flexible and useful for many different tasks and can be used in rubberized set ups as a couple of extra hands.

Knives or blades - for anything that needs to be cut whether it is supply hand bags to be started out or material to be cut to be able to be set.

Air air compressor - is required for any development site that uses air-driven resources and could be required if you are using an electric or air-driven memory caulking gun.

Hammers - as the name indicates can be used to fit floor tiles in limited areas.

This primary set of resources will allow you to have the necessary resources on hand for small development tasks.

Rubber set up tools

For rubberized set up for perform areas there are some very specific resources that are required to be able to get the job done wisely. It contains the following:

 Heavy-duty kneepads - as the set up is a joint vulnerable position large froth kneepads are required to avoid joint accidents. They should be curved with Velcro obtaining ties.

 Safety gloves - should be pure cotton covered non reusable rubberized gloves to avoid contact with the memory sealant for the rubberized set up.

 Tapes - there are number of footage that are required for setting up rubberized trampoline game such as record used for tangible and pavers around the external of an set up, gently sticky record used for sticking to trampoline game without eliminating colour, and general packaging record ideal for tape plastic material into barrows.

 Treacle Dick - is a perfection fixed steel spring-loaded glide provides the most efficient way of managing memory programs.

 Plastic comes - essential in surface and building development sectors.

Trowels - three trowels are required along with a floor trowel, a curved tip precious stone trowel, and a precious stone trowel.

 Atico Export are the manufacturer supplier exporter lab equipment 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Used Lab Equipment Manufacturer supplier

Clearing out old gear to make room in a crowded lab? Salvaging your investment in instruments you no longer use? Changing the direction of your research? All these are great reasons to sell old lab equipment. It is easier than ever to sell that equipment quickly, on the web.

Most of the established lab equipment marketplace sites can get the job done, for a fee. The fee might be a flat rate or a percentage. Some sites do not charge for equipment listings; they operate on ad revenue only. The rest of this article explains in detail how to use marketplace sites most effectively for a quick sale of your equipment. What you learn here will apply to most all online marketplaces.

The title is the most important part of your ad. It is the part that viewers scan first. An excellent pattern for a title is condition, make and model. Condition will be a single word like new, used, rebuilt, overhauled or broken. Make and model should be the short version of the manufacturer's name and the model number commonly used to identify the equipment. If the item does not have a model number, then substitute a descriptive word or phrase covering the gear function. You are allowed 50 characters for the title.

The ad body is what gets potential buyers to click on your ad and send you a message. It needs to give the buyer enough information to tip their interest to action. It also leaves out some information so the buyer will contact you with questions. Leaving out information is easy because the body must be no longer than 120 characters.

A good body does not duplicate information in the title. It builds on the title, adding more information. Do not write complete sentences. All the unimportant words like and, the, is and so on, just take up space. Instead, string together very descriptive words with commas between phrases. Use words that describe the type of equipment you are selling. Some possibilities are words that describe function, weight, size, power requirements, capacity, speed, measurement range and accuracy. If a device requires calibration, mention the most recent calibration date.

Price is another important piece of information for every buyer. Your ads will attract more attention from truly interested buyers if you name a price. Businesses that sell many items often use placeholders like 'Call' or 'Contact Us' instead of the price. This is a sales tactic. When a sales person gets a potential customer on the phone, the odds of completing a sale go up substantially. This tactic rarely works for individuals. It is far more effective to just name your price and put that amount on your ad.

Setting the price for your used equipment is usually quite easy. Use the web to find other listings of the same or similar models. The most effective search terms are make, model and 'for sale'. The latter phrase weeds out manufacturer pages and others that do not include items for sale. Check several of the results pages. The more expensive the item, the more time you should devote to this task.

Your objectives are to establish for the unit a price range, average price and a sense of the condition of the units already on the market. For inexpensive items, 3 or 4 examples are usually enough. For more costly products, up to 10 samples will give you a good basis. Also note how many units are on the market.

With the market price data above, you are ready to set your own price. What is your goal for the sale? Are you trying to make room in a crowded lab? Do you need the money? Is the sale urgent or can it wait for weeks or even months?

The combination of a low price and good to excellent condition will generally drive a quick sale. An above average price, even with excellent condition, will usually take longer. If your research turned up few listings, you might need to guess at price. If the market is crowded, a lower price will serve you best. Look for a balance between all these factors and choose a price that meets your goals. Each sale increases your experience, giving you an opportunity to improve your results.

With your ad in hand, you are now ready to post it. Below are a few tips for getting the most out of your listings on the LES site.

Visit your public profile and vote for yourself. The site encourages this. You must be logged in to vote.
Enter all 5 search tags allowed for your item. Make and model are automatically used as tags, so don't waste any of your 5 on those.
Monitor the hits for each of your ads. The number is incremented every time a visitor clicks on the ad.
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lab Equipment Manufacturer Supplier India

Atico Export

An original devices producer or OEM is a organization that produces goods or devices, which are utilized in products sold by another organization. These organizations are usually known as as a Value Added Merchants or VARs. An OEM usually develops to order, on the basis of the designs provided by the VAR. There are various groups of devices manufacturing providers, such as electrical and electronic analyze devices, devices lease and renting solutions, separating devices and purification devices, sprayers and apply covering devices. The devices also includes automated analyze devices, powdered compacting devices, network analyze devices, battery power evaluators and energy mobile analyze devices, powdered covering devices and de burring devices.

There are lab air managing devices, groundwater tracking devices, commercial liquid purification devices, mass completing devices and tumblers, web managing, cleaning and handling devices. Equipment lease and renting solutions deal with a wide range of devices, machines and appliances, which their customers can use for a fee, for a decided duration. Separation devices and purification devices for liquid and solid components are applied to filter, reduce or explain an assortment of different elements. Sprayers and apply covering devices are used to apply or distribute outside levels, shows, liquids, cleaners, substances, grains and other commercial components.

Powder compacting devices is used to form grains, as part of a foaming process and to reduce a wide range of components into compact shapes, for easy transport and use. Battery and energy mobile analyze devices includes special analyze stations, stands or components, watches and component segments for performance or stamina testing. Powder covering devices is employed to apply material powdered onto the surface of a pre-heated piece, where the powdered brings together and treatments, producing a protective covering. All information regarding the organizations, technological innovation requirements and patents for devices producer providers can be found on Internet.

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Importance of fluid mechanics equipment in engineering and science applications

Atico Export

Especially in the last decade, there have been great advancements in almost all branches of sciences and engineering. Most experts would agree that the advent of computers and the internet has contributed to this a lot, since designing and analyzing any kind of a system has become more easier then ever. With various computer aided design tools, it is possible to design any component in 3D and analyze it under realistic conditions without producing that particular component. Moreover, through the use of internet, any data and analysis can be shared by colleagues all across the world. One branch of engineering that has benefited from these prospects above is definitely computational fluid dynamics.

With computational fluid dynamics, it is possible to analyze the flow of any type of fluid over any solid object. Through computational fluid dynamics, you can analyze the flow over any aerospace craft or over any ground vehicle. Especially in Aerospace engineering as well as in automotive design engineering, the usage of CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics has become more important than ever. By using CFD techniques, you can create a virtual laboratory and replicate the flow conditions of the flow over the solid body. For example, especially in the development of the Formula 1 race cars, the usage of computational fluid dynamics has become more important than ever. Of course, computational fluid dynamics can be used to analyze any vehicle in any flow situation including ships as well as submarines.

Naturally, the prospect of CFD goes far beyond the examples given above. For instance, in mechanical engineering, the analysis of any parts that is in contact with a fluid or a lubricant is also analyzed by using CFD. Moreover, many combustion systems in chemical engineering as well as in process design engineering can be analyzed fully by using CFD techniques.

Of course, CFD is not just about calculation of the properties, but it is also about visualization of the system in operation as well. This has become a very important point, as many CFD engineers in medical fields have helped doctors improve their surgical techniques by creating a visualization of blood flow in various organs in the body. Thus, the scope of computational fluid dynamics touches almost all branches of science and engineering to some aspect. Many engineers and scientists can become proficient in CFD by taking graduate level education in that field or they can undergo special training in special visualization, grid generation and computational programming techniques which are required for CFD.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lab equipment manufacturer and supplier

Atico Export

Do you have any surplus or used medical or laboratory equipment that you wish to sell? Reliable lab equipment dealers in the US buy your laboratory equipment at reasonable prices. Just as medical facilities, universities and government institutions usually have a good stock of used equipment in their laboratories. These can be sold to professional CCR (Central Contractor Registration) certified medical equipment vendors that offer reasonable prices.

Save Money by Selling your Lab Equipment

By selling your lab equipment, you not only benefit from the money gained, but also by freeing up valuable laboratory space. You can invest the money in buying new and more advanced products for your labs. Most dealers have a fairly good grasp of laboratory equipment, manufacturer, and models. However, it is essential to provide the specific details to them such as the year, manufacturer and the model of the equipment you want to sell. This would help you gain much higher returns than you anticipate.

These dealers purchase any kind of medical equipment you want to sell, whether it be chemistry analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, immunology analyzers, hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, spectrophotometers, microscopes, balances, or centrifuges.

After buying the lab products, these vendors will

Upgrade the medical/lab equipment
Re-certify with parts warranty
Offer service contracts
Provide reagents, controls, and consumables
Offer fair market prices for the equipment they purchase

Since the products were once used, they would be put up for sale at prices lower than brand new equipment. Many of the dealers even offer extended warranties, time and material service visits, and in-house service for all equipment that they sell.

To enhance the resale value, your equipment would be refurbished to original manufacturer specifications. For this, there will be trained engineers with the professional CCR certified vendors, who will upgrade your old equipment efficiently. The product will be passed through different levels of refurbishment. They will inspect, repair, replace and reassemble the parts if necessary, before the equipment is passed through QA. In this way they ensure that the equipment is fit for sale, in keeping with strict quality control standards.

How to Locate a CCR Certified Dealer

However, prior to initiating the sale, considerable research must be undertaken to locate reliable vendors to sell your laboratory equipment quickly. Online directories and yellow pages serve as a good start to locate a CCR certified dealer to whom you can sell your university's or government institution's lab equipment. It is best to compare the service specialties of these dealers to choose the one that exactly meets your requirements.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

School College Biology Lab Equipment Supplier

Atico export

Buying lab equipment is necessary for any school or institution that teaches or deals with scientific subjects. Biology is a broad subject that has many sub-divisions that range from living organisms to cellular processes, health and many more. Selecting lab equipment will depend on the topics or subjects taught in schools or the specific research required. There are many different equipment in the market, and some are highly specialized while others are simple and can be spotted in most labs.

Buying microscopes

Microscopes came in different types, sizes and designs, and they can be found in virtually every biology lab. They are used to magnify or get a clear picture of objects that are almost invisible to the naked eye. As technology continues to improve, microscopes are constantly being updated to offer better function. Some of the types available include dissection microscopes, electron microscopes and fluorescence microscopes.

Microscopes will appear on your High School Biology Lab Equipment List. In most cases, microscopes that are used in schools are simpler than those used by professional scientists. When choosing the equipment for your school, think about how they will be used so that you can choose the best types. You should consider the type of samples that will be examined and how accurate the results need to be.


Biology research labs often work with different tissues and cell populations and for this task, incubators are required. The incubators are units that work like mini refrigerators to provide an ideal environment for the protection of the cells and tissue. The incubators provide an environment where samples can be measured in an atmosphere where the oxygen volume in the air remains constant. When shopping for this equipment, it is important to consider the size and most cost-effective option.

Lab Shakers

When dealing with cells and tissues development, it is important to have equipment that allows free rotating movement. Some of the rotating units that are used during research are orbital shakers, and they are used for maturing bacterial cultures overnight. Lab shakers come with different features or optional attributes that are necessary for performing different tasks. It may be necessary to buy different shakers for the school to use in different learning situations.

There are other equipment that are used in the biology lab, and it is important to look at different options available to make the best decision. Investing in products from a reputable Biology Lab Equipment Manufacturer will help to ensure cost effectiveness, and you can be guaranteed of the best quality

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Uses of oilfield equipments and solutions in development work


The search for oil still happens up to this day. Oil is considered as a precious element, since the world basically lives on it. Just like in any construction field, the task will never be done right if the wrong equipment is used and this is true even in oil fields. The drilling of oil is not a simple task that is easily done; it requires an entire unit of numerous equipment which all work together to make sure that the machine will get what it needs. There are numerous uses of different oilfield equipment when it comes to locating oil.

Some of them include:

Locate Oilfields which are present
Like tracking devices, an oilfield contracting company will always have equipment that has the ability to search present oilfields within close range. Locating an oilfield is important because none of the real work starts without an oilfield to work on. Once an oilfield is located, other steps in the process such as the drilling and gathering of oil will take place. But before any of this, the exact oilfield location should be found.

Drilling the oilfield
Once an oilfield is found, the real work starts. The drilling and gathering of oil in the various oil wells will need complex equipment. We all know that oilfields and oil wells are not found in places where people are found. They are usually located in far flung areas, far away from humanity such as deserts and in the middle of the ocean. Since these places are hard to find, oilfield services such as electricity generators and construction of the oil rig is needed so that the oil can be gathered. The drilling won't start unless the entire oilfield equipment is complete, and is up and running through electricity. Aside from the oil rig itself, the area should be built with sleeping quarters and testing labs for the staff in order that everything can be done easily. This means that an oilfield contracting company will have to secure these entire first they bring in the staff to start to drill.

Bringing in the right people for the job
All of the high tech and up to date equipment are useless if the people assigned to the area have no idea on how to operate the machines. The right people for the job include people who have studied the machines and can trouble shoot any type of problem that they will encounter. Remember that oil wells are found in places far from civilization which is why it is hard to find help in places like those so it is also important that the people hired to do the job are also the same people who can solve any technical problem that they may encounter.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Science Equipment for Biology Laboratory

Atico Export

To start with, when you begin equipping a molecular biology lab, you need the usual test tubes, beakers, desiccators, pipettes with fillers, and flasks, together with all the necessary clamps, stoppers, frames and supports.

The basic furniture will need to consist of sufficient worktop space, computer station/s, chemical  lab equipment and biological storage cabinets, possibly a filtered, controlled environment (heating & cooling, and humidity control). In some cases access control, a gray room and clean room conditions may even be necessary.

Since this branch of science deals with organic materials from living cell tissues, it stands to reason that temperatures are critical. Most laboratories use refrigerators and freezers, and sometimes surface mounted refrigeration units. Some procedures may require temperatures to be reduced to as low as -86A deg. C.

Centrifuges and microcentrifuges may need to stand on refrigerated and unrefrigerated tabletops for different purposes.

The heating devices may include a microwave, Bunsen burners, and/or hot plates.

There are a number of calibrated and measurement devices, apart from the glassware, that will be needed in a laboratory, such as certain plastic ware, micro balances and scales, pH meters, moisture meters and thermometers.

Microscopes or electron microscopes appropriate to the research being done, together with camera port and link to computer. These are a part of every laboratory.

There is a large number of apparatus and equipment generally considered essential for a molecular biology laboratory. Tissue processing for DNA identification is often an important part of molecular biology and many processes require the equipment for this, depending on the extent of DNA study and genomics. Here is some of the general apparatus likely to be needed:

* CO2 incubator for cell cultures.
* Vacuum pumps.
* Liquid nitrogen tank.
* Water bath.
* Magnetic stirrer.
* Spectrophotometer.
* Chromatograph.
* Vortex rotators and platform shakers.
* Autoclaves and sterilizers.
* Electrophoresis chamber and gel casting and documentation chamber.
* UV Transilluminator.
* Gradient and standard thermocycler to amplify segments of DNA.

Then we come to the question of safety and protection of the environment and of the people who work in the laboratory; and most of the following will normally be necessary:
Clothing such as:

* Aprons and lab coats.
* Coveralls.
* Footwear, such as shoe covers.
* Head covers, bouffant caps and face covers, masks.


* Heavy weight latex gloves.
* Thin, disposable latex gloves.
* Nitrile gloves.
* Cotton gloves.
* Vinyl gloves.

For eye protection there is a great variety of safety glasses, clear and tinted for lazer and UV work, as well as masks and face shields with and without respirators for protection against splashing, fumes and gasses and flying objects. It is important in a laboratory to install an eyewash station for emergencies.

Last but not least is all the equipment needed for cleaning and sterilizing the glassware, apparatus and even the clothing and furniture used in the laboratory. The cleaning of these items is not always straight forward, and some special procedures need to be followed. You need to have specially designed scrubbers and brushes as well as suitable cleaning fluids and preparations, among other things.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Importance Of Soil Testing Equipment I Atico Export

Atico Export

Soil testing is a process that seeks to chemically remove elements (e.g. potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and sulfur) from the soil. The quantity of nutrients in soil samples helps to recommend the amount of fertilizer required. Soil testing lab equipment seeks to measure the humus matter, soil pH and exchangeable acidity. The analyses indicate whether lime is needed. If lime is required, the analyses will recommend the amount that needs to be applied.

Lab equipment

Experts recommend superior quality soil testing lab equipment to test the soil. There are many soil testing equipment manufacturers available around the world. Therefore, knowing where to find a leading supplier and exporter to shop can help a great deal. Reliable equipment can be used to examine the soil, plants, manure and irrigation water. Experts rely on these devices to perform accurate soil testing, plant analysis and water quality assessment. The equipment used, area sampled; depth and correct sample mix will provide information and influence a decision.

A good sample

A soil test needs to be performed at the right time and in the right way. It is advisable to take a sample several months before undertaking a new landscaping (i.e. before laying sod, planting a flowerbed, planting a vegetable garden or planting perennials. In the event that the soil tests recommend lime, you can have adequate time to apply it, in turn adjusting the soil pH levels, before planting.

In established areas, such as shrubbery, trees, lawns and other perennials, the tests can be conducted after 3 or 4 years. Although any time is right to conduct your samples, mid-Augusts to mid-September offer an appropriate time to take soil samples for cool season grasses, like ryegrass, bluegrass and fescue. When the sample is performed during this period, the lime can be applied in fall. Areas that have been fertilized or limed recently, the sampling can be delayed at least 6-8 weeks.

Sample areas separately

Each unique area should be sampled separately. For every unique area (e.g. perennial landscaped area, vegetable garden or lawn) at least 6-8 sub samples should be combined to form one sample. Furthermore, if a single area has both healthy and unhealthy areas, sample these areas separately. It is advisable to use clean soil sampling equipment.

Use a clean hand garden trowel, soil probe, shovel or spade to collect samples. Avoid using galvanized tools, bronze or brass because they can contaminate soil samples with zinc and/or copper. Furthermore, the sample should be mixed in a plastic bucket that is clean. If the bucket held some chemicals or fertilizers, it needs to be washed thoroughly before utilizing it to conduct soil samples.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Some Popular Laboratory Equipment we manufacturer | Atico Export

Atico Export

A laboratory is a place where varied types of scientific research and experiments are performed. A laboratory is used for observation and testing. The laboratory is found in schools, colleges, health centers, hospitals, research centers, investigation centers etc. This can be just a single room or a complete building equipped with all facilities to perform experiments. The laboratories are designed in such a way that depending on the subject of research, varied tasks can be performed like scientific experimentation or research, manufacturing of drugs and chemicals, collection of data and samples etc.

The science subject as a whole is a vast subject consisting of various fields of studies, though the main categories are physics, biology, chemistry and medical where there is the maximum need for a laboratory and laboratory equipments. Its a common fact that the basic requirement in a laboratory is the laboratory apparatus and equipment. No experiments can be performed or no studies can be done in a laboratory without using these apparatus. The lab apparatuses are used during the experimentation process to collect data, to hold samples, to heat or mix solutions, to measure, and various other such tasks.

Depending on the subject and the experiment, the laboratory apparatus can be classified as physics laboratory, biology laboratory, chemistry laboratory, medical lab apparatus etc. There are a large number of apparatus which are used in every laboratory for each categories. When we talk about these apparatus, we imply lab tools, equipments and support systems that help the user, be it the researcher or the scholar to perform different experiments.

There are certain laboratory apparatus, designed specific to subjects. Like for instance, the popular physics lab equipments are Ammeter, Voltmeter, Rheostat, Galvanometer etc. Similarly, for Chemistry, the most widely used lab equipments are Alcohol Lamps, Evaporating Dish, Centrifuge, Calorimeter, Filter Paper etc. The hospital or medical laboratory apparatus are altogether different like as there are histology lab equipments, blood bank equipments, tissue culture equipments for medical related experiments. However, there are certain common lab apparatus which are invariably required in every type of experiments in a laboratory like a microscope, balance, beaker, flask, petri dish, safety equipments, tripod stands, test tube, etc. Besides these, a laboratory also consists of filtration equipments, cooling apparatus, lab consumables, mixing equipment, heating equipments and so on.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Commonly Used Chemistry Lab Equipment and Its Uses

Atico Export

The professionals who work in chemistry labs and other facilities require efficient chemistry lab equipment to perform their jobs. While some labs require specialized equipment to address specific research and diagnostic applications, there is a variety of lab equipment and essentials that are used generally. This article discusses commonly used chemistry lab equipment and its uses.

Chemistry Lab Equipment to Serve a Variety of Purposes

Chemistry lab equipment is used for variety of purposes such as for chemical analysis, for assessing a wide range of conditions and the functions of organs, for holding samples, for heating and measuring solutions, for mixing different types of liquids, to analyze samples, and more. To carry out all these purposes, different types of devices are needed. Most lab apparatus comes equipped with advanced features and incorporates highly advanced technology, which ensures functionality, reliable service, and accurate analytical results.

Commonly Used Equipment in Chemistry Labs

Glassware: Commonly used laboratory equipment includes glassware. Glassware comprises a variety of equipment ranging from beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks, test tubes, and more. Beakers are multipurpose lab containers used to hold and heat liquids. Erlenmeyer Flasks are essential to heat and store liquids. The advantage of the Erlenmeyer Flask is that the bottom has a wide area, so that a greater surface area is exposed to the heat. Other essential products that belong under this category include pipettes, pipette tips, shakers, filters, stirrers, mixers, rotators and disruptors.

Analyzers: Laboratory analyzers are indispensable in chemistry labs. Chemistry analyzers are used for carrying out a range of diagnostic functions, such as routine analysis of albumin, creatinine, glucose, bilirubin, and more. You can find fully automated chemistry analyzers, which are used to perform research functions at a faster rate and provide results within a minimum span of time.

Measuring Instruments - Balances and scales are used to measure the weight of a sample and determining its mass. There are several different types of balances and scales used in laboratory. These include:


Microscopes: Microscopes are used extensively in chemistry labs for variety of purposes. These are beneficial for sample preparation, bulk sample analysis, and more.

Consumables and supplies - Apart from the specific lab equipment, reagents, controls, consumables are essential items that a lab requires for routine applications.

Other Types of Chemistry Laboratory Apparatus

Apart from the above mentioned essentials, other chemistry lab equipment that are commonly used in laboratories include centrifuges, refrigerators and freezers, water baths, dry baths, hot plates, and so forth.

To run your practice more efficiently, make sure that you equip your lab with such commonly used chemistry lab equipment. Technologically advanced devices enter the market every day. So ensure that you purchase equipment with technologically advanced features and also learn all its uses before you start. It is best to rely on any leading laboratory equipment supplier to purchase laboratory equipment. There are many providers offering a wide inventory of new and recertified models of important medical laboratory equipment. Apart from product sales, a reputable dealer can deliver excellent sales advice, installation services and post-sales support.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Teaching Mechanical Energy Conservation

Atico Export

Now, I move on to the conservation of mechanical energy. Here again, I will show you how I explain physics problem solutions in terms of fundamental principles. As always, the statement of the principle will be the first line of the problem solution. The problem I have chosen to illustrate the method requires the application of both Newton's second law and mechanical energy conservation.

The notation I have been using throughout this series is described in earlier articles, specifically "Teaching Kinematics", "Teaching Newton's Second Law", and "Solving Work-Energy Problems".

Problem. A tiny box of mass M starts from rest and slides down the frictionless surface of a cylinder of radius R. Show that the box leaves the surface when the angle between the radiial line to the box and the vertical axis is th = arccos(2/3).

Analysis. The box is touching just the frictionless cylindrical surface, which exerts an outward normal force N on it. The only other force on the box is its weight MG. The box is moving along a circular path, so we apply Newton's second law in the radial direction (outward positive). With the help of a free-body diagram, we have

... Newton's Second Law

... SUM(Fr) = MAr

... -MGcos(th) + N = M(-V**2)/R.

Since the cylindrical surface can only push (it can't pull), the box cannot stay on the surface unless the normal force N is greater than zero. Consequently, the box leaves the surface at the point where N = 0. From the last equation, this corresponds to

... cos(th) = (V**2)/RG.

But this doesn't tell us much if we don't know the speed V of the box, so let's see what we can learn by applying mechanical energy conservation. We use an inertial coordinate frame with the y axis vertical and the origin at the circular center of the cylinder. We equate the box's mechanical energies at the top of the cylinder and at the point where it leaves the cylinder. The initial position of the box is Yi = R, its initial speed is Vi = 0, its final position is Yu = Rcos(th) and its final speed is Vu = V, the speed when it leaves the surface. Now with the conservation of mechanical energy,

... Conservation of Mechanical Energy

... (MVi**2)/2 + MGYi = (MVu**2)/2 + MGYu

... (M0**2)/2 + MGR = (MV**2)/2 + MGRcos(th),

so... V**2 = 2GR(1 - cos(th)).

Finally, plugging this result into the equation for cos(th) we found previously, we have

... cos(th) = 2GR(1 - cos(th))/RG = 2 - 2cos(th),

and... th = arccos(2/3).

Dr William Moebs is a retired physics professor, who taught at two Universities: Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne and Loyola Marymount University. You can see hundreds of examples illustrating how he emphasizes fundamental principles by consulting PHYSICS HELP

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Platelet Aggregation

Atico Export

Platelet aggregation testing is useful in the evaluation of suspected hereditary and acquired disorders of platelet function. Activation of platelets causes them to change shape, secrete their intracellular granules, and aggregate with each other. Platelets normally contain two major types of granules - alpha and dense granules. These granules contain substances which promote hemostasis when secreted from platelets at the site of vascular injury. The alpha granules contain fibrinogen, factor V, and von Willebrand factor while the dense granules contain platelet factor 4, ADP, ATP, calcium and serotonin. Abnormalities of platelet function may be hereditary or acquired. Hereditary platelet function disorders include rare defects of adhesion (Bernard Soulier syndrome), rare defects of aggregation (Glanzmann thrombasthenia), and more common defects of secretion (alpha or dense granule deficiency, aspirin-like defects, or other primary secretion defects).

Acquired platelet function disorders are more common than the hereditary disorders and include drug-induced platelet dysfunction (including aspirin, NSAID's, clopidogrel, antibiotics, various cardiovascular and psychotropic drugs), uremia, and myeloproliferative disorders.

Classically, platelet function has been tested in the laboratory by testing platelet aggregation in platelet rich plasma upon addition of various agonists such as ADP, collagen, arachidonic acid, epinephrine and ristocetin. Using modern platelet aggregometers, it is possible to evaluate platelet secretion simultaneously, by measuring release of ATP by the aggregating platelets. Measurement of platelet secretion allows the laboratory diagnosis of secretion defects with greater sensitivity than platelet aggregation testing alone. Platelet aggregation may be normal in some cases, and measurement of platelet secretion may be critical for diagnosis.

The following concentrations of each agonist are used: ADP (2uM and 5uM), collagen (1ug/mL), arachidonic acid (1mM) and ristocetin (1.25 mg/mL). For von Willebrand disease evaluation, dilute ristocetin (0.625 mg/mL) is also added. Evaluation of thrombocytosis (platelet count >400,000/uL) includes epinephrine (10uM). Platelet secretion is measured together with aggregation for all agonists except ristocetin.

Decreased response to ristocetin and normal aggregation with the other agonists is seen in von Willebrand's disease and Bernard Soulier syndrome. For diagnosis of von Willebrand disease, platelet response to both concentrations of ristocetin must be evaluated together with von Willebrand disease screening tests such as ristocetin cofactor, von Willebrand disease antigen, and factor VIII assay. Glanzmann's thrombasthenia is characterized by absent aggregation with ADP, collagen and arachidonic acid and normal response to ristocetin. Inherited disorders of platelet secretion usually demonstrate a decreased secondary aggregation wave with ADP, decreased response to collagen and variable response to arachidonic acid; however, the pattern is not always typical.

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Biology laboratory : Protection Is Foremost

There are certain primary lab guidelines of protection which one should adhere to while operating in any of the technology laboratories. Since some of the products existing in a biology lab can be really risky it becomes all the more necessary for individuals to adhere to the guidelines of protection. Examine them out:

Prior to coming into a biology lab, one should be obvious of the workouts that has to be taken in the lab. It is better to study the lab guide well in enhance so that you are prepared with the information of lab accessories, workouts and the other nitty-gritties of the chemistry lab.

Cleanliness is very essential in the lab. Be particular about maintaining the place around your office elegant. In situation something has poured over on the desk, you should instantly ask for support to fresh it. Create sure you fresh your arms after completing it.

Another essential lab protection concept in a bio lab is to be careful and careful while using various accessories in the lab. Dealing with cup or distinct things can be risky if one is not being careful about its managing. Thus, be careful as well as careful while managing the accessories in a chemistry lab. A lab protection indication graph can be incredibly useful in such a situation.

Since operating in a bio lab can be incident vulnerable, it is better to put on the type of outfits which have the prospective of destructive. You would obliviously not like your new set of outfits getting broken permanently while operating in the lab! It is all the more better to put on a lab cover while operating. Besides, shut footwear are suggested too.

Chemical Cautious
One has to be really careful while operating with the substances in a lab and the best way for it is to consider each and every substance as risky. In situation any substance gets straight hold of your epidermis, ensure that that you fresh it off instantly to prevent all types of adverse reactions.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Uses of Oilfield Accessories and Solutions in Development Work

The look for for oil still happens up to this day. Oil is regarded as a valuable factor, since the globe generally lifestyles on it. Just like in any development area, the procedure will never be done right if the incorrect gadgets is used and this is real even in oil places. The exploration of oil is not easy that is quickly done; it needs an whole device of several gadgets which all perform together to create sure that the device will get what it needs. There are several uses of different oilfield gadgets when it comes to finding oil.

Some of them include:

Locate Oilfields which are existing 
Like monitoring gadgets, an oilfield acquiring organization will always have gadgets that has the capability to look for existing oilfields within near variety. Locating an oilfield is essential because none of the actual perform begins without an oilfield to perform on. Once an oilfield is situated, other actions in the procedure such as the exploration and collecting of oil will take position. But before any of this, the actual oilfield position should be discovered.

Drilling the oilfield 

Once an oilfield is discovered, the actual perform begins. The exploration and collecting of oil in the various oil bore holes will need complicated gadgets. We all know that oilfields and oil bore holes are not discovered in locations where individuals are discovered. They are usually situated in far flung places, far away from humankind such as deserts and in the center of the sea. Since these locations are difficult to discover, oilfield solutions such as power turbines and development of the oil rig is required so that the oil can be collected. The exploration won't begin unless the whole oilfield gadgets is finish, and is up and operating through power. Aside from the oil rig itself, the position should be designed with resting places and examining laboratories for the employees to be able that everything can be done quickly. This implies that an oilfield acquiring organization will have to protected these whole first they generate the employees to begin to routine.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturer - Exporter | Atico Export

we manufacture physics lab equipment such as, Electrical Instruments, Heat Laboratory Equipment, Mechanics Laboratory Equipment, Measurement Instruments, Meteorology Earth Science Apparatus, Modern Physics Instruments, Optical Instruments<a href="http://www.aticoexport.com/physics-lab-equipments/"> read more</a>

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Perfect Lab Appliances and Freezers

Atico Export
All labs need effective lab appliances and freezers to protect examples or shop critical drugs by chilling or cold. Contemporary fridge and fridge techniques for labs are accurate and robust and much more innovative than their domestic alternatives. In addition to the secure storage area of research examples and medications, they offer advantages such as effective efficiency, decreased energy intake, and economical use of area.

Safe and Efficient Storage

While appliances shop examples at temperature ranges between -5 and 15 levels Celsius, freezers typically offer temperature ranges between -25 and -15 levels Celsius for sample maintenance. Refrigeration and cold techniques are also used to shop medical or drug supplies. Laboratory appliances and lab freezers used to protect blood and plasma are developed to fulfill a several regulating codes and top quality requirements. Most models function an home security program to notify of devices failure. Lab appliances are also used to protect essential substances, medications, and vaccinations.

Laboratory appliances and freezers come with several innovative functions to enable secure and effective storage area. These include automated thaw, flexible temperature which is rear installed to avoid random adjustments, internal lining for easy clean up with a smooth lining that avoid a mess in hidden cracks, automated fan forced frost-free air conditioning program, undoable doors for increased storage area capacity, and much more.

Designed for Reduced Power Consumption

Labs are becoming more aware of the need to decrease energy intake and save on houses. Power preserving is not limited to direct energy intake of product, but also the relative outcome such as heat that it produces which creates air conditioners keep working harder. Quality lab freezers function energy effective styles such as effective internal lighting, no internal fans and low volts techniques which help decrease overall energy intake.

Versatile Design

Adaptability in different lab components creates modern appliances an asset in area restricted labs. They come in space-saving styles and various sizes to fulfill specific lab requirements. Adjustable racks, under-counter fit, and undoable door swing are some popular flexible functions that help to provide lab appliances in any kind of establishing.

Quality is of essential importance when it comes to choosing lab appliances and freezers. In drug and biotech labs, price or value takes a second seat and its top quality and efficiency of this devices is what matters the most. Choosing the right fridge for your establishing is important. Purchase devices from a reputable dealer that can offer you with several effective options to choose from.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Benefit of Technical Education

The unique job focused coaching given to somebody based on realistic use of equipment for sectors is technological education and studying. Therefore it is such a realistic expertise growth course that instructs an excellent student how to use medical devices or devices in our everyday life.

A higher education student, who is given technological education and studying later becomes a specialist whose job is managing devices or devices and keeping them in good. On the opposite the common education and studying given in educational institutions and universities generates such an knowledgeable individual whose job is to search for a job. It is because they are given theoretical education and studying rather than realistic one. Moreover, they have to spend so many years at school or higher education that makes them get fed up with studying. Since it is non technological topic, they may later be jobless. Therefore, in this respect, technological education and studying is a associated term for career in which they can use their mind as well as their arms.

Technical education and studying is also a part of professional education and studying. Vocational education and studying is linked with the abilities and information to do a particular job. In other terms, professional education and studying makes learners for particular tasks. It is available at educational institutions and universities with unique and particular coaching. Besides, this master of expertise can be approved from one individual to another informally.

Technical education and studying is a must for the creating and the under western world. Since it is difficult to manage higher research, it has been a must due to short time period coaching and the guarantee of a job on hand

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