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Used Lab Equipment Manufacturer supplier

Clearing out old gear to make room in a crowded lab? Salvaging your investment in instruments you no longer use? Changing the direction of your research? All these are great reasons to sell old lab equipment. It is easier than ever to sell that equipment quickly, on the web.

Most of the established lab equipment marketplace sites can get the job done, for a fee. The fee might be a flat rate or a percentage. Some sites do not charge for equipment listings; they operate on ad revenue only. The rest of this article explains in detail how to use marketplace sites most effectively for a quick sale of your equipment. What you learn here will apply to most all online marketplaces.

The title is the most important part of your ad. It is the part that viewers scan first. An excellent pattern for a title is condition, make and model. Condition will be a single word like new, used, rebuilt, overhauled or broken. Make and model should be the short version of the manufacturer's name and the model number commonly used to identify the equipment. If the item does not have a model number, then substitute a descriptive word or phrase covering the gear function. You are allowed 50 characters for the title.

The ad body is what gets potential buyers to click on your ad and send you a message. It needs to give the buyer enough information to tip their interest to action. It also leaves out some information so the buyer will contact you with questions. Leaving out information is easy because the body must be no longer than 120 characters.

A good body does not duplicate information in the title. It builds on the title, adding more information. Do not write complete sentences. All the unimportant words like and, the, is and so on, just take up space. Instead, string together very descriptive words with commas between phrases. Use words that describe the type of equipment you are selling. Some possibilities are words that describe function, weight, size, power requirements, capacity, speed, measurement range and accuracy. If a device requires calibration, mention the most recent calibration date.

Price is another important piece of information for every buyer. Your ads will attract more attention from truly interested buyers if you name a price. Businesses that sell many items often use placeholders like 'Call' or 'Contact Us' instead of the price. This is a sales tactic. When a sales person gets a potential customer on the phone, the odds of completing a sale go up substantially. This tactic rarely works for individuals. It is far more effective to just name your price and put that amount on your ad.

Setting the price for your used equipment is usually quite easy. Use the web to find other listings of the same or similar models. The most effective search terms are make, model and 'for sale'. The latter phrase weeds out manufacturer pages and others that do not include items for sale. Check several of the results pages. The more expensive the item, the more time you should devote to this task.

Your objectives are to establish for the unit a price range, average price and a sense of the condition of the units already on the market. For inexpensive items, 3 or 4 examples are usually enough. For more costly products, up to 10 samples will give you a good basis. Also note how many units are on the market.

With the market price data above, you are ready to set your own price. What is your goal for the sale? Are you trying to make room in a crowded lab? Do you need the money? Is the sale urgent or can it wait for weeks or even months?

The combination of a low price and good to excellent condition will generally drive a quick sale. An above average price, even with excellent condition, will usually take longer. If your research turned up few listings, you might need to guess at price. If the market is crowded, a lower price will serve you best. Look for a balance between all these factors and choose a price that meets your goals. Each sale increases your experience, giving you an opportunity to improve your results.

With your ad in hand, you are now ready to post it. Below are a few tips for getting the most out of your listings on the LES site.

Visit your public profile and vote for yourself. The site encourages this. You must be logged in to vote.
Enter all 5 search tags allowed for your item. Make and model are automatically used as tags, so don't waste any of your 5 on those.
Monitor the hits for each of your ads. The number is incremented every time a visitor clicks on the ad.
Read messages from potential buyers. These are delivered to your email and are also listed in your account as Messages Received.
Use the power of your vote. Vote Up any buyer who pays promptly or handles the deal well. Also vote for other sellers you know to be honest. Vote Down any and all spammers, then file a spam report as well. The report is only 150 characters, so it is quick and easy.

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